Kolkata FF Fatafat Result Today LIVE : 16.11.2023 कोलकाता Fatafat FF Results LIVE check Live Kolkata FF Result

Kolkata FF Fatafat Result Today LIVE : 16.11.2023 कोलकाता Fatafat FF Results LIVE

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There are tons of people on YouTube who will promise to provide accurate numbers. But there is no one to tell the exact number. So don’t trust such people who will make false promises and put you in huge loss. This game is totally based on luck and your own intelligence. With the help of Kolkata FF Old Results, you can get some idea about the upcoming number. And then left it to its fate.

If you are lucky and succeed in guessing the exact number then this game is going to make your life. Because there is a lot of money after winning it. Also, it depends on your invested amount.

Kolkata FF Satta game is the biggest and most played game in the whole country. Not only the people of West Bengal play the game but the people of other states also play it very well. This game is illegal. But millions of people play this game and earn a certain prize. This game is also similar to Satta game.

If you succeed in guessing the correct number, it means that you have won the big money. If not, you have lost all your money. We provide only Kolkata FF instant result on this portal. One more thing this game is played 8 times a day and also updates the result 8 times. After playing the game everyone who has put their money will be curious to know about their result. So they search their result. And this portal is best for your Kolkata FF Fun Result 2023.

  • Here are some steps which will help you to find out the result of your game. Let’s look at these steps one by one.
  • First of all you have to open this portal.
  • Now find your today’s game bet on the home page of this portal.
  • Then verify the number given below it.
  • If it matches your number then you have won the game.
Game StagesGame Time Result Time
1st Bazi  ⏰ 10:00 AM  ⏰ 10:30 AM
2nd Bazi  ⏰ 11:30 AM  ⏰ 12:00 PM
3rd Bazi⏰ 1:00 PM  ⏰ 1:30 PM
4th Bazi ⏰ 2:30 PM  ⏰ 3:00 PM
5th Bazi ⏰ 04:00 PM  ⏰ 4:30 PM
6th Bazi ⏰ 05:30 PM  ⏰ 6:00 PM
7th Bazi ⏰ 07:00 PM  ⏰ 7:30 PM
8th Bazi ⏰ 08:30 PM  ⏰ 9:00 PM
Kolkata FF Result Latest Time Table

As we all know this game is illegal in West Bengal. Still millions of people play this game. Earlier this game was played in offline mode. But today with the rapid development of the internet, this game is also being played in online mode.

Now you can play it through downloaded application and also check your Kolkata Fun Result online from the comfort of your home.

কোলকাতা ফাটাফাট হল পশ্চিমবঙ্গের সবচেয়ে বিখ্যাত খেলা, যেটি সত্তা মটকা গেমিং প্যাটার্ন অনুযায়ী খেলা হয়, তবে আপনি জেনে অবাক হবেন যে ভারতে মটকার উপর নিষেধাজ্ঞা রয়েছে, তবুও মানুষ অনলাইনে এই গেমটি খেলতে যাচ্ছেন। দেখুন তাদের অফিসিয়াল ওয়েবসাইট KolkataFF.com-এ ফলাফল।

Kolkata Fatafat Patti: In this game, the cards are made up of any three numbers such as –
143 – In this, You will see that it is made up of three digits (1 and 4 and 3), similarly in this game any number made up of three digits is called Patti.

I have already told you that people of west bengal are very poor they are busy in collecting money to go to city many people try their luck in durga puja and other religious festivals so that money is not a problem There is a shortage. Are Many people also play this game so that they have enough money, so a poor person spends some part of his earnings on this game.

So as we know, In this game, each number is called by a different name as like the Rummy game.

Numbers in Digit Numbers Name

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Kolkata FF Instant Result Today Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.) Who can play Kolkata FF?

Only the people of Kolkata can play this game.

Q.) How to play the Kolkata Fatafat game?

You can play this game in Kolkata only, for this you will find some agents in your own local market who will invest your money in this game.

Q.) How to invest money in Kolkata Fatafat?

The way to invest money in Kolkata quickly is through a local agent, which can also be called the offline/Online method, in this way you get the rewards very easily.

Q.) How to put money in Patti?

For this, you have to choose three numbers (146 which is made up of three numbers) and you have to invest money in that lucky three numbers which we call Patti, then in this way, you can put money on the Patti.

Q.) How to check Kolkata ff old result chart?

On top of this page, you will see the button of Kolkata Ff Old Result, by clicking on it you can download the old result.

Q.) What is Kolkata Fafafat?

Kolkata Fatafat is a satta matka like game. In this game people have to guess a number if that number matches the result then you get the prize money. it is played 8 times a day.

Q.) How to check Kolkata ff fatafat Result 2023?

You can see the result by visiting this website or visit the official website.

Q.) How to know the single of any Patti in Kolkata Fatafat Result?

It is very easy to know the single of a Patti, whenever a Patti is formed, then adding it to whatever number is in the last, it is called the single of that Patti like – 183 This is a Patti, now on adding 1+8+3, the number 12 comes, so the last digit in 12 to see it is 2, so it is a single of 183 leaves, in the same way, you can know the single of all the Patti.

Q.) How to invest money in a single?

Fatafat Result Kolkata – It is very easy to invest money in a single, for this you have to choose any one number and you can invest as much money as you want, but for this at least you have to invest more than 5 rupees.

Q.) Is this game legal in India?

All betting and gambling-related games in India are illegal and this Kolkata Fuff game is also included in the list of games like Satta or gambling.

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