Bajaj Chetak Premium 2024 Price: Range, Spied, Speculated, and Ready to Electrify

Bajaj Chetak Premium 2024 Price: Range, Spied, Speculated, and Ready to Electrify

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Bajaj’s Chetak, the iconic scooter that once dominated Indian roads, is making a comeback with a modern twist – the Chetak Premium. Spy Shots of the scooter at a dealer have sparked excitement among electric vehicle enthusiasts, but details remain shrouded in mystery. Let’s delve into what we know and what we can expect:

Spied and Speculated:

  • Images from a dealer suggest a sleeker and more premium design compared to the standard Chetak.
  • Rumors hint at a longer range, possibly exceeding 100 km on a single charge.
  • A TFT display is also speculated, adding a touch of modern tech to the classic silhouette.

Bajaj Chetak Premium 2024 Price and Launch Date:

  • While Bajaj hasn’t officially confirmed the launch date, it’s expected to arrive sometime in 2024.
  • The price tag remains under wraps, but it’s likely to be higher than the standard Chetak’s Rs 1.44 lakh (ex-showroom) due to the premium features.

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Possible Specifications & Features:

  • The Chetak Premium could retain the standard Chetak’s 4.1 kW electric motor and 3.1 kWh battery pack, with potential optimization for increased range.
  • Additional features like a TFT display, cruise control, and improved connectivity options might be onboard.
  • Expect premium touches like a leather seat, alloy wheels, and LED lighting.

Suspension, Height, and Other Details:

  • Specific information about suspension, seat height, and other technical details is unavailable yet.
  • We can expect a comfortable riding experience, similar to the standard Chetak, with potential tweaks for improved handling and stability.

Pros & Cons (Based on Speculations):


  • Increased range for longer rides
  • Modern features like a TFT display enhance user experience
  • Premium design and features add exclusivity
  • Bajaj’s established brand image and service network


  • Potentially higher price compared to competitors
  • Lower performance compared to some electric scooters
  • Limited storage space might be an issue for some riders

Reviews & Conclusion:

With official details yet to come, reviewing the Chetak Premium is difficult. However, based on speculations, it appears to be a promising contender in the premium electric scooter segment. The combination of classic charm, modern features, and potentially extended range could attract a new generation of riders.


Launch Date2024 (estimated)
PriceHigher than standard Chetak (estimated)
RangePossibly over 100 km
Motor4.1 kW (expected)
Battery3.1 kWh (expected)
FeaturesTFT display (possible), cruise control, premium touches

Keep your eyes peeled for official announcements from Bajaj! The Chetak Premium might just be the electric scooter you’ve been waiting for.

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